My Life in DIY: Nostalgia....Pinwheel/Carebear Table Upcycle

My Life in DIY: Nostalgia....Pinwheel/Carebear Table Upcycle
My Inspiration for this DIY: Care Bears, Pastels, and my Pinwheel

My Inspiration for this DIY: Care Bears, Pastels, and my Pinwheel

I love spring and actually find joy in spring cleaning. Mostly for all the things that I inevitably find! Going through my craft stash I came across many memories and lots of Care Bears and Care Bear stuff. I've always LOVED Care Bears from the first time I met them. My mom probably still has my Care Bear dishes and my Care Bear VHS tape! 

While cleaning I found My Care Bear Initiative that I spear headed while I was in college. I had everyone create shirts with a care bear on it and we walked around campus handing out information! I even decorated our offices with Care Bears!  Needless to say it was an effective campaign and we got the attention that we needed to get us on the map and inform the student body of our function.

I think it's funny how you always come back to the things that you love, even if you've taken a hiatus from it, it's still imprinted on your soul and apart of who you are.

Excuse the wrinkles but I pulled this out of memory lane!!

Excuse the wrinkles but I pulled this out of memory lane!!

I bought a Care Bear Book the other day from the dollar store. It was so filled with nostalgia for me and made me so happy inside. Finding this Care Bear stuff while cleaning totally made sense as to why I was even drawn to the book in the first place. See what I mean, things you love always come back to you. I was inspired to use it and my pinwheel as inspiration to finally upcycle this little white table that I had. It's a rescue table that I got from the trash pile by the side of the road, in perfect condition. When I moved though, the movers broke it. I still kept it and attempted to fix it during this DIY, but it didn't settle well.

I still went ahead with the painting of it as it is stable just not level. Also I was so excited to paint I just didn't want to start all over. that's honest.

What You'll need:

  • A sander (If you need to sand. I did because it had layers and dent and I wanted to smooth it out for a smooth paint finish.)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes (Bristle and Sponge)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Lacquer Sealer Spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum)

How To:

  • I put the slide show together below to show you how I painted the table once I had it prepped. I used my pencil to draw the lines and just mixed my paint and went to work. You'll have to coat it several times to get it to be thick and wait for it to dry. Once I was done I sprayed it with the Lacquer Spray paint to seal it and give it shine. See last photos.

In this photo the peachy color I mixed with white pearl paint and covered pretty opaque. In these photos it seems pretty translucent. But it'll work!  Over all I'm pretty satisfied with the final product and learned some things in painting this table! I'm mostly excited that I got some stuff off of my "To Create List" and made some space in our garage!  I'm also happy that I used this project as a joy injection within my day to brake up the monotony that life can be at times. I love getting my hands dirty creating but find that I have to make time for it!

How are you Expressing yourself on the regular?



My finish product

My finish product

pinwheel DIY table

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