My Life in DIY: POM POM [Puff Ball] Tennis Shoes!

My Life in DIY: POM POM [Puff Ball] Tennis Shoes!

To me puff balls are sooo cute! They have all sorts, tinsel, neons, pastles, firm, soft, and even BEAD puff balls! For obvious reasons, this made it so hard for me to not buy them. So naturally, they ended up in my cart, exchanged for cash, out the door, and in my car only to become a pretty fixture on my craft shelf! [I may or may not collect craft supplies]

pom pom palls puff balls tennis shoes

But no more! My Fish bowl of POM POM [Puff balls] runeth over! So my Lovers, please get ready for so many delightful was to use puff balls! Some obvious and some....not so much so but all will help you find new ways of expressing yourself through POM POM [puff balls]! Yup that's a thing! It started right here with you reading this post! Pass it on! These things are like having a personal party on your feet!

Puff Ball Tennis Shoes (2 of 2).jpg

Ok I digress. This is simple! Here's what you'll need:


Puff Balls

Hot Glue Gun (or any glue that isn't washable will do!)

cheap sneakers (my shoes were $8.00 on clearance at Target!)


Option 1 Random Application:

With your hot glue gun, hot and ready to go, put glue some glue on your tennis shoe and then stick a puff ball on it! Do this till your whole shoe is covered!

Option 2 Color Blocked Application:

With your hot glue gun, hot and ready to go, put glue on your puff ball and then stick it to your shoe! The hard part about this is that your more apt to burn yourself, but gives more precision in design.

Option 3 Design Application: Plan out your design first with colored pencils, creating a pattern to follow! Experiment with making shapes, like hearts, or smile faces! Sort out your puff balls in the size best for your design and take your hot glue gun and apply your puff balls to put that design on your shoes!

That's it! I hope you make some and if you do #UHexpressions on instagram so that I can see your tennis shoes all Puff Ball/ Pom Pomed out!

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