My Life in DIY: Put A Pucker On It!

My Life in DIY: Put A Pucker On It!
Fun and Quick DIY!

Fun and Quick DIY!

I’ve been seeing faces on things all over lately! I really like it A LOT, pinned a few here! Seeing as I am a complete believer that inanimate objects come alive like in the movie Beauty in the Beast! It was inevitable that I would try to recreate an accessory that had a face on it! INEVITABLE!  I had the pre-cut pucker lips left over from Valentines and had been thinking of a way to use them. The clutch is from Walmart. It’s felt and it’s pre-made. I bought it not having a clue what I would do with it, until I got it home!

I do that a lot. Sometimes I think that I have more ideas than time or a love for craft supplies, that leads me to collect them! This year though I told myself that I would make more than I bought! So that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes! It’s always been my outlet to express what ever is going on in my life so having this plan will get me back in to a consistent creative practice. Which is a much needed outlet!

Now to the DIY!!!

This DIY will take you 5 mins, especially if you have most of the things pre-made or pre-cut. You can use any type of clutch or purse. So if you have an old one lying around use it! Give it a new life!

I used the black felt and the marker to make the eyelashes I drew them on the back and then cut them out and placed the “unmarked” side to the clutch.

I placed all the other pre-cut things first to make sure everything was in the right place and was the look that i was going for before I glued them.

Once they were in the right place I glued them down and VIOLA!  I put a pucker on it!

Now Get Your Pucker On!!

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