My Life in DIY!: EMOJI cards .....Simple, Cute and Fun !!!

My Life in DIY!:  EMOJI cards .....Simple, Cute and Fun !!!
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As promised I am starting to roll out the Valentine's DIYs for you! This one can be used for any occasion and is appropriate for "Galentines" and just a "Thinking of You!" It's one of my favorite valentines I've made this year!

Make Your Emoji Card with me!

Every year I send Valentine's to my friends all over the world and this year I came up with the idea to send Emojis! What better way to express how you feel! The best thing is you can make the Emoji match the recipients personality! For example: sending the "Cool" Emoji to your chillest girl!

These are also great as decorations and "Secret Admiring", both at home or in college, just slide it under room doors or hang ondorm room doors! Who wouldn't feel special with a near life size Emoji!!

Instructions and pictures below, video above! If you make this let me know! Share a picture with me on Instagram #UnbelievablyHumanEmojiCards !! I want to see!!! Have Fun!!!

😍 💖,


Ok so this is simple and Cheap!

What you'll need: 

  • Felt the color of the emojis that you are making
  • Pre-Cut Hearts
  • Hot glue and Gun
  • Card board
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions below:


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