Nashville Fashion Week - Day 1

Last night was extremely exhilarating! Being in the atmosphere of creativity and personal style was just amazing! I sat right at the front and got in with my all access pass with no wait and even took a picture on the red carpet. If you're following me on social media I posted picture of my look and will do so again tonight! This is just a taste of what's been happening. I definitely ended the night on a high and can't wait to get back out there tonight. Here are some shots from the show. For more follow me on instagram, or facebook @unbelievablyhuman, and Twitter @unbelievablyU. I'll also update this post  at the end of the week as I reflect on the experience.

Whenever I get to participate in something that I truly love and enjoy with people with the same passion I become alive from the inside and feel giddy. I guess we can call that "Love for Life" in words. That feeling where you just feel terrific that you are in alignment with your inner self, and your inner desires. A kid in Disney world! I could go on but I'll stop here!

Talk soon,


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