Nashville Fashion Week in Summation
Nashville Fashion week Collage
Nashville Fashion week Collage

If you followed me on instagram or social media throughout fashion week you saw lots of beautiful fashions and even saw my looks for each night. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed fashion week and all the people that I was able to meet and get to know.

One of the biggest reasons that I wanted to take advantage of fashion week, was to be able to capture for "UH" all the various ways people express themselves and the stories that the collections themselves were telling. I know that we talk about it here a lot; but that's the thing with fashion/style/personal style it's all a way in which we express how we see and feel about ourselves- be it consciously or unconsciously. I think by changing what I see reflected in a mirror, I reinforce how I see myself on the inside. So we should wear the things that show, how we really think about our selves!

On another note there is also the idea that clothing in no longer "just clothes" but wearable art. This was vary apparent in a lot of the creations that we saw by several designers. One in particular was Johnathan Kayne (see photos here). His dresses where so filled with fantasy and whimsy that it was transportable just by seeing them come down the runway. But the thing that made him and his show truly amazing was that at the end, his last model was a little girl from the Make A Wish Foundation. Who had made a wish to be a model; that night she closed out the show in a Johnathan Kayne gown, walking the runway. It was amazing. It was also a testament to how fashion and clothing can be used to change the way we see ourselves and sometimes our situations. How it can be created in a way that  looks and feels like art and thus becomes wearable art.


My favorite night of the whole week was probably the gala because who doesn't like a reason to have to get "good and dressed up"? I certainly do! I shared this night with my sister! It was a great time for us! We had a great MUA do our make up for the evening and we dressed in little black dresses and had a glam evening (I love glam). My sister spent a lot of the time attached to her phone reading and reacting to every Facebook compliment that came in. For me,observing this, it was great to see how quickly, what was at first a foreign experience for her, became one of such awe and amazement. But isn't that what fashion is all about. Getting wrapped up in the fantasy. She definitely became a believer and since has been making greater efforts in her personal style to reflect the beautiful women she is on the inside, on the outside. (now if only I could get her off her phone..Le sigh)

Needless to say Nashville Fashion Week, was a great experience and one that keeps motivating me to continue to encourage Style Expression (Got a lot of great new looks! Check it out!). Get your story out there even if it's only through how you rock a look of the day! WERK! Because the more you express the love you have for yourself, for life, and for others- the better you'll feel as you face life. So send me your pics and I'll post your style stories or showcase your look in the Style Expression Gallery!

Thank You Nashville Fashion Week it was fantastic!



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