#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt (Loving You Where You Are)

Hi Lovers!

It's Wednesday! And #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt! My Apologies for the tardiness of this post! I promise next week's will be up on time! If you are wanting to join in and want some inspiration ahead of time from Court and myself, we're including our artist inspiration at the end of each of our respective post! 

Ok so this week I wanted to feature some throw back photos of mine for two reasons. 1. I have a new contemporary artist for you! that I'm exited to share and the medium she uses to express her artist point of view, just happens to be ONE of MY FAVORITE ones to wear to Express myself! 

AND 2. I never do #OnWednesdayWeWearArt without sharing my introspective thoughts because what is a look, if it isn't an expression of our consciousness or even subconsciousness. DEEP.... I know...

But really.

Unbelievably Human was started out of my own "dark days" and my desire to see if ashes really do become beauty because I had a lot of ashes when I started this. Just a lot was happening in my life that I simply didn't get nor understand. I'd given life my best and felt like all I'd gotten back where ashes of lost friendships, beliefs, and dreams. It was a tough tough time.

During that time I gained 45+ pounds. I am one of those people who gains when the pressure of life is a boiling pot of stress and anxiety, and gain I did. I couldn't fit any of my clothes and didn't have money to buy a whole new look so I did what most people do I settled into leggings and long shirts and sweaters. Cheap, Comfy, and Contemporary(I needed a C for trendy).

When it came to me to start the blog, I started thinking that I have to loose the weight. I have to present my best self and a host of other things that were just not true to being Unbelievably Human. But then I had a prevailing thought. Why not love myself. Love myself right where I am.

 I can say now that that was probably one of the most delicate seasons of my life and I learned in that time to also be gentler with myself.  I started doing things to celebrate who i was in that moment and where I was. So in true Liv form aka extravagant! I saved money and scheduled a photoshoot, hair and make up and worked with my Bestest Buddy Peggy to style outfits for the shoot. She was a gem! She helped me stay true to my style aesthetic, budget (most pieces from my closet), and was sensitive to my weight- in an affirming way!  

I dressed in sequins, Glitter, and lots of colors for the various looks we planned. This look, was one of my favorites though. It was the last look and one Peggy had styled completely. That girl knows my love for some sequins! But I honestly loved how casual met glam in this look, yet still playful. How I met me- where I was, vulnerable yet still beautiful.

The artist that I am sharing with you today is, Sequin Kay, she believes in the power of sequins. The moment I saw her work I was immediately drawn in. Through her work she intends to communicate a subconscious meaning concerning the aesthetic experience. Which is completely what I believe about self expression through personal style. That your outside reflects your inside.

She uses her understanding of how to decorate and embellish old, unusual, unloved items, to bring a new life to them. She also creates AMAZING wearable art, which I TOTALLY want. Specifically the pair of sneakers pictured below! Cool shoes never come in my size though! Urg!

                                           What I wouldn't do for these shoes!  c/o

                                           What I wouldn't do for these shoes! c/o

I really enjoyed looking at her "Magical Hanging" Pieces, and enjoyed her artist thought behind the pieces. Here is what she says:

The works meant to access ‘pure thought’ the harmonious forms and coloured lines are intended to create in the beholder a state of mind which would facilitate such an experience. It is important to be aware of our hidden unconscious and bring ourselves back to this through visual stimulus.
— Sequin Kay

Ok Lovers! I hope that you are having a great hump day! If you posted about anything that was art inspired that you wore, please be sure to link up below, along with the rules to the link up! You can also use the #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt on instagram to show us what your wearing! Don't forget to check out My Friend Court to see what inspired her look this Wednesday!

As always, you are Unbelievably Human, so be Unbelievably YOU!



&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;  Sequin Kay via Instagram

                  Sequin Kay via Instagram






Sequin Kay is UK based artist, a rising start, with a brilliantly unique perspective that I hope more and more of the world sees it and experiences it's beauty and brillance.Please check out more of Sequin Kay here  and her instagram and Twitter!

All Sequin Kay photos c/o: www.sequinkay.co.uk

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