#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt in 2015!

#Onwednesdayswewearart - henri matisse

#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt has become such a fun thing that I’ve become a part of! I found Court when I was searching Pinterest for things to do with Washi Tape. Yup! That was it because we where knee deep in house decorating, and I was looking for cool (read not typical) design inspirations to decorate our bathroom with Washi Tape.

I found her post and clicked through and at the bottom of the post was a suggestion to read #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt. I then read all of the post! I was in LOVE with this series and loved how Courtney married art with her outfits and her talent as a teacher to make everything so edible! I was getting a fashion fix and “learning” at the same time. I immediately reached out to her and decided to officially join the fun! 


Since then Courtney and I have been wearing art on Wednesday and totally bonding, growing, and finding true inspiration in art and in each other. So much so we have talked at length how to get more of you lovers involved in the fun! We’ve had people write us and tag Court on Instagram letting us know how much they love the series and honestly that’s been the best! But your letters and tags have helped us out a lot. You’ve shared how we’ve inspired you to wear more color. To mix prints and most of all and most important how you’ve pulled your own inspiration from the art that we’ve used as our prompt for the week! 

#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt unbelievably human and my friend court

We want to see more of that and want to make it easy for you to share with us so in 2015 we are starting a link up, complete with a button and way to post your looks on our blog that’s as simple as pie! At the start of each month we’ll roll out the artist inspiration for each week so you can have a head start on your look for #onwednesdaywewearart! If you don’t have a blog that’s totally ok! Just upload your photo to Instagram and tag us @unbelievablyhuman and @myfriendcourt and caption it #onwednesdayswewearart ! 

I’m also super happy to announce that we’ll be expanding our art inspiration to include more art forms! Which I know will be ssoo fun and provoke some AMAZING LOOKS! From the link up and Instagram we’ll be picking some of our favorite looks and featuring them on our sites and Instagrams! 

If you’re feeling intimidated in the least bit to wear “Art” don’t be. I’m not an art teacher like Court but I believe in the power of art as a tool of self expression. So each week I focus on that whenever I share the weeks inspiration. I also pull from the artist the thing that stuck out to me the most, when it comes to my looks. Sometimes that’s the colors, some times it’s the lines or figures in the work, and one time it was the spirit of the work! Whatever it is that inspires you pull from that and create a look and share it with us! It’s Art so there is no “wrong” way to show off your inspiration and how you wear art.

#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt - Us

We can’t wait to see and feature your looks! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either of us! tweet them at us @unbelievablyu and @myfriendcourt and we’ll tweet back an answer!!!

💖, Liv



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