Hey Lovers! #OnWednesdayWeWearArt and this week We are wearing Kandinsky!

#onWednesdayWeWearARt - Kandinsky

A two weekends ago my sister and I went to the museum to check out:  Kandinsky: A Retrospective! I was really excited to go to this exhibit because Kandinsky was an artist ahead of his time. He’s said to have developed an abstract language for visual art. What was so cool about this exhibit was learning the driving force behind Kandinsky’s work. Kandinsky believed that art could be an expression of deep spirituality and emotion. So immediately He [Kandinsky] had my attention. Cause that is exactly what we believe and encourage here on Unbelievably Human!

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Kandinsky didn’t start off an abstract artist or a literal artist at all, in fact he started off as a lawyer with a very promising career and then decided to leave law for the arts. In the exhibit we saw the evolution of Kandinsky work and the influences of his work. By the end of the exhibit you see where he finds his clear voice through his creation of an abstract language through the visual art.

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One of my fav pieces of his was of “music”. Best way I can describe it is ,He used abstract images and colors to give the sound a visual. When I looked at it I completely thought, that’s what music looks like to me! In some of the pictures I knew what the abstract image was, and what it was expressing. In others I didn’t; but I connected with the colors. Sensing angst, conflicting feelings and in his work, towards the end of his life, whimsy.

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The way that I experienced Kandinsky's work,  wasn’t drastic mood swings, but a sense of all the feelings that I described. It was kinda how when you meet new people and before they say anything you kinda have a feeling of what they may be like. Examples: 1950s pinup girl, preppy, or artsy, You with me? IT’S JUST LIKE ART! On first sight you get a “feel” of what you’re looking at before you “know” it.

I TOTALLY vibed with this. I’ve always been a creative since the day I could hold a crayon. Arts and Crafts for me were like a way of creating my own world, expressed in the things that I made. I can remember times in my life where I became fixed on my latest obsession as a creative. Be it needlepoint, oil paints, photography, film, or upcycling, it all gave and gives me perspective.

Like Kandinsky, I can totally relate to feeling like you are connected to a higher power and when you create the sense of spirit flows in and through you. I’ve heard people talk about this when they run, and they feel as though after running they have great clarity. I find the same thing in creating.

Me and a friend committed to doing the Artist Way one year. (I recommend this to anyone whether you see yourself as an artist or not.) In the book the author shared when artist express themselves through their chosen medium, what they are doing is channeling the great Creator. I believe this. I mean take a look at nature, and the beautiful landscapes of the world. It’s not hard to believe that their is a master Creator, and that we are calibrated with the same capabilities.

I used  that calibration with this look of abstract art expression! This skirt is a thrift store find and the shirt might as well be too. I found it on an alley street when I was in Istanbul. It was suspect- the alley. But you can’t beat the prices on alley streets!

These too pieces made me think of Kandinsky. His Abstract language. I used my look to express what I felt in that moment and that was happy, loved for me, and free to be me.

Right before I took these pics, My sister gave me a big juicy kiss on the cheek! Her abstract art of love on my face! LOL, so I’m sharing some of that love with you! Also Show MyfriendCourt some love and see how she was inspired by Kandinsky! #Onwednesdaywewearart



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