Open note: I stayed to long...

Open note: I stayed to long...

liv kneeling Hey Lover,

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing some of my own ashes. Some of the things that I have longed to become beautiful.

Unbelievably Human is something that I created with the hope of someone's life being touched and changed, simply because I cared.I believe we need to see love more not just say it.

But I didn't know my life would be the litmus test.

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing with you, one of the toughest periods of my life. I was walking around feeling raw, wounded, and teetering on death. I'd never felt so numb and exposed all at the same time. I was surround by people but so densely alone. I had so much pain inside of me bubbling over into anger from frustration, and no outlet that would allow for my humanity. My relationships,with people I saw day to day,made no space for it. I felt like I could be the life of the party, be invited to all the parties, needed, and wanted, but not known, not cared for...not genuinely.

I began to understand that my pain and circumstances were unattractive and people didn't mind showing or telling me so. So I withdrew. Because being dishonest to myself was worse than putting on a face for someone else. As I've gone through, I haven't always been sure I would make it out on the other side. People say, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I say, "Whatever doesn't kill you on the outside, may very well, be holding you hostage, on the inside." quietly taunting and threatening to kill your spirit.

I'm starting from the bottom of despair and hoping-believing,a little more each day, that I'll make it to the top. Growing each day towards a wholeness and truth that matches the beauty of love and not the battle wounds of life.

Unbelievably Human is a heart-"love in action" project.By loving myself, others and life with action that expresses that; I am hoping, considering, the dust of my ashes to find beauty.

"Love for self" are my entries, of my own journey forward, refusing to allow my spirit to die. All this expressed the only way I know how, through art and creativity! Thank you for wanting to see life through perspectives.

XO, Liv

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