Personal Style Stories : Effortless Glam

I've been out in the streets again searching for personal style stories. When I stumbled upon this gorgeous doll, I had to know her story. Here outfit was amazing!

This is Chelsea! She's a girl after my own heart! When I first spotted her I could tell she lives for personal style and making statements through what she wears. Her top was a wedding dress overlay given to her by her aunt and her pants where given to her by her mom. She put the two together and got this AMAZING look. What I loved most though were the details of the look! The braid into a bun! The boyfriend watch, which was such a cool twist, gave the overall look a taste of juxtaposition! Chelsea clearly enjoys exploring the fantasy of fashion! check out her instagram @CHELZQ. She was a pleasure to meet and really laid back! This personal style story inspired me to continue to look for possibilities in otherwise traditional pieces, like Chelsea did with this look! 

Did you enjoy this as much as I did? Let me know if the comments!



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