Personal Style Stories: LaTisha of
Personal Style Stories: LaTisha of

Lovers, You know how much I love to capture personal style stories, especially so  I can share them here with you! LaTisha, of, has a great spirit and a LOVE for fashion. She always wears her emotions, and  is sharing her style story here today! It will inspire and make you a believer in wearing your emotions "on your sleeves"(pun intended)!

No matter what life tossed my way, whether in good times or bad, I express how I'm feeling through my fashion; what I wear. My best days find me in more fun and colorful pieces. In my darker moments, I find comfort in moody tones and combinations.

Face the music. This year, for me, meant facing harsh realities.  The harsh realities I mostly tried to avoid and the only way to face it was to dig deep within myself to really get to the core of who I am . This year forced me to show myself what I was made of; to face my fears, my past hurts, and all the not-so-attractive "stuff" hidden deep within. I've had to lose everything I knew about myself in order to get to the woman God created me to be.

I witnessed hard trials with my family like never before. I had to face old hurts, tackle newer ones that hurt even more. I had to face the reality that I was human and couldn't "do it all"!

I also had to bury my grandmother, all within the first few months of the year. Each situation shattered a layer within me that I had to put back together piece by piece. It challenged me to face every nightmare I could imagine.

Nevertheless, each of these situations allowed me to come out more equipped and stronger than ever. As I move forward, more confident and excited for what’s to come, this fashion choice reminds me that you can’t avoid the inevitable in life.  You have to face your fears and tackle your challenges head on to become a better you.

Facing the music may require you to listen to a tune you may not want to hear, but the sound is much sweeter once you endure it.

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