I never imagined that I would be in the eye of a typhoon. And responsible, as event staff, for getting people to a safe place and doing so without speaking the same language and keeping them assured as winds howled and blew at 120 mph.

This was my  experience my second day in Tagaytay,Philippines. The glass door of the building we were in blew in, and in came the water. We had to find a basement. When we did, we put mattresses to the glass windows that where there. After we went back through the building with the storm raging to make sure everyone was in the basement. The building was flooding and ceilings started caving in.

I never thought about how many times we where going in and out of the “safe” place to make sure we had everyone. I never thought about what I felt. I just knew that I needed to make sure that my mom and sister knew for right now I was fine.

Now that I’m back I’m really surprised with myself. One, that my fear of storms didn’t hinder me. That at the time I was really assured that everything was going to be ok, even after I saw the roof of one of the rooms caved in from the storm. Mostly I’m surprised to learn that responsibility sometimes calls fourth great courage within us.

I took a couple photos on my phone and later (when things calmed for a moment) with my big camera. It was helpful. It gave me perspective and also drew my attention to several parts of the storm.


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