When I think about love, specifically love for self; I think about the “edge” that’s so very necessary to stand up for yourself, and some times to yourself. I read a book once that talked about making dates with yourself and guarding that time as you would a doctor’s appointment. I know that sometimes scheduling that time for self care seems selfish, but consider the flip side, you never fully find peace within and your hands and feet miss out on that mani and pedi. Self Care and self love

Self care keeps you safe and not abused. You are feeling safe with yourself because you know you will take care of yourself. ~ HR Davis

Self Care

That’s why I get gansta about the time I spend with myself and the things that I guard sacred to me. I find that by taking time to date myself, I feel more “Able” and life goals attainable. I’m able to visit with my own thoughts and frustrations and get in touch with old loves and hobbies that have fallen to the sides of life. To create and connect with the creator, and just be honest with myself, about where I am and where I want to go. And also celebrate where I am, and reflect on what I am grateful for in this season of my life.


I struggled with this for a time wanting to be a good friend,sister,daughter, and really helping others. A sage,though, said to me that self care keeps you safe and not abused. You are feeling safe with yourself because you know you will take care of yourself.

Think about self care in your life

I just want to encourage you, to take care of yourself! Schedule some self care dates with your self. The thought of thinking of myself as an abuser woke me to the fact by not making room in my life for myself and my own heart and personal desires, I was just that. I know it feels extreme, but day to day maintenance isn’t the same as quality time. So get gangsta!

Self Care defend it

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Self care and why it makes you feel better.


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