I’m thinking that by the time we are near a 100 years old respectively LOL, our sister vacations will be legendary! This year we did a sister road trip! We flew from Nashville to New York, New York. Once we landed we grabbed our rental car for the journey and hit the road! We were so stocked to start the journey we literally squealed in excitement.


We got a Styrofoam cooler and filled it with Ice, drinks, and bought all sorts of snacks to munch on, including microwave popcorn! (That’s was my suggestion, for the hotel of course once we reached it!) We also lived by Sister Vacation Rules and that’s basically being present in the moment and limiting our electronic and work "distractions"! It’s a great time for us to catch up and just be silly with no time constraints, and talk about more than just the everyday.

The first leg of our trip was from New York, New York to Buffalo, New York which is a few miles outside of the Canadian boarder! The drive from Ny, Ny to Buffalo, NY, was about 6 hours but it took us about 7hrs because we made quiet a few stops and were really leisurely!!  Once we were in buffalo we crashed at our hotel there and hung out by the fire pit that the hotel had and indulged in more sister QT!

Salt and Vinegar Fries

Salt and Vinegar Fries

The next day we woke up and went to Duff’s buffalo wings! Who knew that “Buffalo” wings originated in Buffalo, New York!!! We had to get some. They are my favorite, favorite thing to eat! These were the absolute best! From there we drove into Canada, the drive was about 30mins to the Canadian boarder! We were sssooo excited, we immediately started exploring the moment we got our hotel key! It was an amazing experience! If you follow me on instagram, you saw a lot of the things that I could not wait to share! While I'm talking about Instagram, I'm glad I did use my phone for photos! My SD Card/ Memory Card crashed with all my pictures!

We saw Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side and it was just one of the most amazing things that I have seen and I've seen Pyramids in Egypt, the Red rocks in Colorodo........I think you get my point!

Open me for details! This is was my first Vlog, even thought I'm not doing Vlogtober I thought I would give blogs a try, and bring you along for the journey! Every year we do a sister vacation and this year we did a sister road trip to Canada!

It was such a beautiful experience! Luckily, I decided to VLOG the Adventure so that I could document it as it happened it was amazing! I’ve linked the Vlog above. Seeing Niagara falls and being with my sister was just the greatest time ever and one of the reasons, I’ve started looking forward to summer.

If you want to see our Sister Vacation from last year you can check out our Bali Vacation here! Also have you ever taken a sibling vacation? If so let me hear about it in the comments! Do you do special things to grow closer to your siblings?

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