Sometimes Magic Just Happens : #MFCFriendsgiving


The season of thanksgiving is here and it IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE holiday! I have a lot that I am thankful for this year and lots of that is personal growth. BUT some of it is for the new people that I've met this year that have just renewed my belief in the magic that happens when you, just meet someone that you click with!

Today I'm talking about My Friend Court aka one of my new fav blogs! I want to say that I came across Court on Instagram and clicked on the link in her bio and that's how I met voice....thing is I don't know if that's how it happened. Either way I reached out to her and thus started my collaboration  in her brilliant idea of #OnWednesdayWeWearArt!

The next e-mail I got from my friend Court was to attend her friendsgiving event. We just connected! Though we hadn't met in person and don't live in the same state! Then as life would have it, I met and hung out with her the next two weekends!


Meeting Court in person was like meeting an old friend. The one with a great sense of humor, extremely warm,highly relatable, honest, and supportive of your girly antics that only a good girlfriend would support! After hello it was all nonstop talk and giggles! No, "Hey We are meeting in Person for the first time awkwardness here"!

Needless to say, I was really looking forward and making sure that I could attend her #MFCfriendsgiving! I am SSSSSOOOOOO glad that I went! It was such a great time! From the moment I walked in I couldn't stop snapping pictures there where so many pretty  and cool things!!! The colors where so amazing! She used neon to set off her pilgrims and indian theme!

We were asked to wear neons which I was happy to oblige! Courtney created handmade feather headbands for us to wear, and had Pilgrim hats as well. Instead of food and centerpieces there where craft supplies beautifully tablescaped across long tables covered in kraft paper, so we could create our own piece of takeaway home decor!

We decorated sticks! I thought this was brilliant because it was it's own ice breaker! With our various levels of craftiness and the sharing of supplies it created natural laughs and fluid conversation. 10mins in to sitting down next to new friends, we were all chatting with little pretense!

Hours passed before we realized! We soon found ourselves out on her patio taking a group picture that involved fists full of confetti!! It was everything to have all that pink glittery goodness come raining down on us! We were all squeals of delight!

What I really loved about this gathering was Court's over arcing goal, to give back. We were asked to bring blankets for a Touch of Warmth  and SMALL toys [small enough to pack in shoe boxes] for Operation Christmas Child. This kinda get down is the very reason why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Thankfulness begets generosity!!

I'm grateful to have met Court for soon many reasons that would turn this post into a gushy post but I'll save that for her Heart to heart with UH! She was a fabulous host and really put lots of heart into this event and you could feel and see it everywhere! We got a great swag bag at the end of the event which I shared the contents of on my Instagram and for you below! Literally Our sweet swag bags were handmade!!!


Thank you Kayla and Court for all the work that you ladies put into making the #MFCfriendsgiving a cozy time filled with lots of sparkle and GREAT kombucha in balloon dipped mason jars!

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