Street Tales

Can we all agree that the winter was harsh?! Just extremely cold and not cute at all. Right?! Well since we are all on the same page with that and seeing, eye to eye. I think it’s safe for me to say that is why I fell off my personal style stories game*.  

Literally just way to cold to lurk outside on the street, and approach hustlin’ and bustlin’ strangers for pictures.  I wouldn’t stop either with the wind slapping my face and my every breath as visible as white smoke.

BUT in SPRING!!! You have to drag me inside. Allergies in all. This weekend was Record Store Day, and here in Nashville, people come out for it and Record stores throw “backyard” type parties. You go in the record store pick up some of your fav musical stylings on wax and then you go out back (or side, or front) of the store, and listen to live music and make new frans.

IDK, maybe it’s the “love child” in me or the fact that I could live in a music festival; but I love any reason to wear flowers in my hair, cool sunglasses, fringe, lace, put out a picnic blanket and just vibe. Feels like being alive to me.

This Saturday was a taste of that. A very small taste of that but the Record Store Day style didn’t disappoint in the least bit! So now that I’ve given you context! Let’s meet our styling storytellers!

Meet this chica! She reads “Hitchhicker” in a good way!  She woke up like this. Her perfectly bed head of faded pink hair, doesn’t read cotton candy in this context, no, much like her look it comes across as alternative. Throwing off conventions, she has everything she needs in the large boho bag she carries. All about necessities, and getting to one adventure to the next, this girl keeps it minimal with her accessories: a small tattoo, two bracelets, one ring and the coolest aviator sunglasses. I don’t know where she’s headed and neither does she but I’ll bet she’s got the best stories!




Meet the fun girlfriend! Vintage Pattern Candy! That’s what I immediately thought when I saw this doll! Her dress is like a box of chocolates! Polka dots, shapes, and lines and graphs. She stands out in a sea of festival looks almost looking like Spring itself in the form of geometric shapes and colors. Her look comes off light airy but full of fun. Making her seem like a ball of fun and best brunch date! If she found this thrifting it’s a great find to totally express her fun, confidant spirit! Her shoes where a tough pairing given the terrain of the backyard party, but no denying they do the job of pulling out the peachy orange color in the dress!




Meet the Boho Hipster Moonlighter! I don’t know what she does during the week but it keeps her social calendar booked and living for the weekend. Doesn’t this just like her weekend uniform? Her look is influenced by elements of bohemian from the kimono to the jewelry and hippie from the tank to the shoes, making her so Boho-chic. Her addition of the trucker hat makes it all her own, showing her appreciation for irony, yet effortlessly conveying hipster, and coming off super casual yet beautifully put together. She can easily transition this look to her next soiree, by changing her shoes and letting her hair go wild and free. Something tells us, that’s exactly what happened.



Until next time, Lovers! Keep telling your style stories and using your style as a vehicle of personal self - expression! I'll be looking for you, to collect and tell your street tales!

As Always you are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably YOU!

*[Formerly personal style stories] Street Tales are the style stories that are either exactly how they happened or completely fabricated. Either way they are stories that are being told through the clothes that the storytellers (you) are wearing, using the art of fashion as a medium of personal self-expression, during the story of your life. These stories are narrated or in some cases told to me [Liv of]. *

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