Street Tales: Hattitude

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Steeplechase races in Nashville, Tennessee!!! I have to tell you this was my first time ever attending horse races and I grew up in horse country, riding horses, attending horse back riding camp and my family owned horses! Yet, I’d never been to a horse race in my life!

I’d always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby though! Mainly because the ladies there wore the most awesome hats and I love a great hat affair! I own hats for the hope of a "good hat affair". In black culture, we often call really decadent hats crowns! Which, if you think about it, makes total sense given the fact that the best hats often look like decadent crowns.

This was a great moment to get some street stories! The fashions were boss, but this addition is all about hats! These statement hats had so much to say and gave so much life to the event, and in really big ways showed  the personality of the wearer of the hat. I also thought it's be helpful to show case the  hats to aide in picking out your next hat in any hat-a-ffiar that you may attend! ;) I know I’ll be looking for some of these just as a mater of self- expression!!!  

I lucked up and ended up being front and center for the races as well as for the hat judging that happens to determine who has the best hat of the day! I was thrilled about this! Although, I had no plans to shoot as press ending up doing so none the less landed me some of the best seats in the place!

*Click any image below or above to see it larger*

I could not have imagined such a cool opportunity happening that day and am that much more thrilled to share these awesome pictures with you! Enjoy and the next time you pick out a hat don’t be afraid to have some “hattitude”!!!

Do you own hats? Have you been to a Kentucky Derby type affair? What was your experience?

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