Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day

Suicide affects all of us. It has rippling and painful effects. Someone attempts suicide every 40 seconds. For the millennial generation, this is the third leading cause of death ahead of fatal car accidents. But Suicide is preventable! This work of art was created with that in mind, for Suicide Awareness Month. It’s called The Face of Suicide. It’s a play on Pop Culture through Pop Art, with a split face image of the same person. One side is the “Polished and Presentable” Appearance. The other side represents the “Pain and Sadness”; that is either hidden or goes unseen.  Often we think that suicide has a certain “look”,we can spot. In reality, someone attempting suicide every 40 seconds means it could be the person you work with, live with, or even follow on social media.

 The face of suicide is often looking at us with a smile and appears to be just fine.

Social media, television, and social networks add to the societal pressure to have a life that is polished and presentable, but often creates a false sense of reality. This art through the use of photography and gif, shows the face of suicide is often looking at us with a smile and appears to be just fine. But that may not be the case at all. This year, we lost several public figures to suicide; Lee Thompson Young (29), Karyn Washington(22), Robin Williams (63), Josh Mark (26), and Gia Allemand(29), just to name a few.

In order to impact an epidemic like suicide, it’s important to realize that it can no longer be relegated simply to mental illness. Instead, suicide has become the answer for some looking to stop the pain of prolonged feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, and exacerbated circumstances. In realizing this we must look at each other with softer eyes. Instead of  diverting to the “get over it” perspective, let’s reach out with compassion,understanding, that everyone needs some level of support. We can help each other see and believe that brighter days are possible.

Will we look around and realize, that we could be looking into The Face of Suicide and answer with compassion?


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Creative Director: Me | Photographer : Ruth Chapa | Makeup: Brittany Pope

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