Light the shadows
Suicide is dark until we bring it into the light

I genuinely care about people and the well being of others. When I learned that the 3rd leading cause of death to millennials was suicide I wasn't exactly shocked. Suicide is sited more for death then fatal car accidents for my generation. So what can I do? What can we do? We can take love into the shadows that are sometimes behind the brightest smiles, biggest voices, and the most seemingly "ok" people.

I read this story, that was soooo good! The author used her gift of expression to share her personal reflection of how she was impacted by Robin Williams' death.

Cause suicide affects all of us

I tweeted her thanking her for sharing her art and expression and she tweeted back saying thanks for this. Please take this story to heart and consider the light of your love and how powerful it can be at impacting the 3rd leading cause of death.

I am dedicated to championing suicide awareness and prevention through the use of art and expression, and actionable love. I've included some facts below that give light to the shadows that might turn us away from a subject that needs the light of love!

I was reading through some environmental factors that increase suicide risk and could truly see, the Unbelievably Human side of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Environmental Factors That Increase Suicide Risk*

    • A highly stressful life event such as losing someone close, financial loss, or trouble with the law
    • Prolonged stress due to adversities such as unemployment, serious relationship conflict, harassment or bullying
    • Exposure to another person’s suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide (contagion)
    • Access to lethal methods of suicide during a time of increased risk

It is important to remember that these factors do not usually increase suicide risk for people. Exposure to extreme or prolonged environmental stress, however, can lead to depression, anxiety, and other disorders that in turn, can increase risk for suicide.

Do you want to bring the light of love to the shadows?

♥, Liv *This information with a few edits comes by way of the a Amercian Foundation for Suicide Awarness

photo credits: Kelley Bozarth

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