Summer Revelry

Summer! Just saying the word evokes the feeling of warm sunshine, the smell of sunblock, coconuts and aloe vera gel. The sounds of laughter in the wind and the sight of pastel skies with the burn oranges of sunsets and sunrises. The taste of cherry, orange, and blue raspberry popsicles. The long bike rides of summer that have become the road trips of unimagined adventure. Hands up. Head back. Hair to the wind. Summer.

Coming out of formal education, it becomes apart of your wiring in the month of June, July, and August you’re free to plot your own destiny. To ride the waves in the ocean, sleep under the stars, live concerts with your favorite bands, dancing all night till the dawn of morning. To meet love, say goodbye to love - summer flings, and to make friendships and memories that last forever. 

For me a creative I love spring and summer most of all. In Summer I feel as though I am all of me. I’m a reader, an adventurer, a lover, a writer, a laugher, and that I have all the time in the world to dream. 

I remember growing up, I went to summer camp. I’d always meet the greatest people at camp and come away with some of the best pen pals ever, snail mail and e-mail. I have some regrets though, I wish that I would have been a better pen pal (Thought I was going to say summer fling didn’t you!). I always started off so strong, as a pen pal, but as the school year got into full swing; my last letter was always must have back to school gear, classes I was looking forward to and summer reading I finally finished! 

Ah, the revelry of summer. It’s uniform of oversized tops, short shorts, sunnies, swimsuits, bare feet to flip flops. All it’s colors, wild parties, music festivals, and endless summer nights. Here’s to summer forever!

Look Details:

Top: Salvation Army/Goodwill

Shorts: Old Navy



Earrings: Istanbul Turkey,

Bracelets: I made them! 

Necklace: Old Navy


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