Summer To Do List

I've been flirting with the idea to do a summer to do list. With summer nearly drawing to an end, I've asked myself If I've really lived it up! Have I really taken advantage of this good warm weather and all the whimsy that is summer. I don't know but while the days are still long and the nights seem endless I'm going to try to get through this list and make memories that last a lifetime.

When I was a kid I loved starting the fall with all the things that I'd done and learned in summer impressed on my memory. Whether it was curvier handwriting, a new way to lace up my shoes, or just delight in having finished all my summer reading. It was these memories and the others from weeks spent at summer camp that got me through the school year. The summer memories, above, that I plan to make with this list will get me through the fall or the tough times when life isn't the pie that I hope it to be.

When I  was putting this list together I took a glance on Pinterest to see if I could find something that would stir my spirit of adventure. I found lots of Bucket list, but not many summer to do list. So if you can think of anything that  I might be able to add to this list and get done before summer is over add it in the comments below! I'm always looking for a great excuse for a riveting adventure.  

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