That Time I met Janelle Monae

I truly love music. What I like about Janelle Monae is how she's leading a revolution of encouraging people to follow their own drummer by creating and committing to the android story. When I found out that I was going to the concert I HAD to dress exactly like Cindy Mayweathers (the persona that Janelle Monae becomes when she performs.). I was seriously so committed to this I started researching the exact look I would attempt to duplicate. I was all in. It was totally worth it and so much fun to do!!

Janelle live in concert is AMAZING. She gives you everything that she had and performs with every ounce of her being. She dances across the stage with such intensity it's almost unreal but completely engaging and mesmerizing! Her voice keeps pace with her movement, it's a powerful versatile voice that's pure in tone and seems effortless to some degree when she sings. No one not even me sat the whole concert because it was soooooo high energy and you just couldn't- you had to move.

We had pretty good seats right on the floor in front of the stage! When the lights came up during the encore, Janelle was looking for the best dressed android! Everyone around me told me to stand up and I did and she saw me and told me to come to the stage and I got to meet and dance with her during the song "What an Experience". It was indeed an experience. It was one of those moments when you know that the universe conspired for you to have that moment. Leaving the house I knew it was going to be great I just didn't know it would be great to that degree. I only have I-phone shots of the experience so it's pretty grainy but it happened. I posted my photos of the evening on Instagram and well ….steady my beating heart if Janelle and her production company didn't "double tap" my photos! It was truly an amazing experience that definitely made me feel on top of the world! Enjoy the photos below and give Janelle's Electric Lady Album a listen!



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