Glow in the Dark Candy Pumpkin Mug from a Jug! Trick or Treat?! #Bethere

Glow in the Dark Candy Pumpkin Mug from a Jug! Trick or Treat?! #Bethere

Last October was the first year that  I wasn't an actual trick or treater! Don't Judge! Free candy and costumes, who just retires from the work of knocking door to door and procuring candy for the year? No me....until last year.

Last year, in mid October, I moved into a neighborhood that starts decorating for Halloween in the 3rd week of September, and, lovers, they go ALLLLLLLLL out!!!! Haunted houses, Bricks of hay, Jack O' Lanterns - THE WORKS. Seeing all the production that goes into making halloween such an affair in the neighborhood I was pretty excited to see what actual Halloween looked like! 

Make your own candy pumpkins for Halloween

I was not, disappointed; except for one thing, my street seemed to miss the holiday completely. Everyone had their lights out, and there where barely any kids coming down our street to get candy! I was so miffed! Especially since I'd run out to get candy an hour earlier, because I wanted to be apart of the commotion! It was like a whole neighborhood Block party..... except for my street! I had to use flood flights and we have candy chants just to get kids to our door! 

I used this EVITE Free Halloween Invitation found here with lots of other cute Invitations for the Holiday! Go Look! 

This year will be different! I mean business and I have enlisted help to that end. The first phase of the plan is to start decorating, now! This way we will set the tone for what is expected for the street! So far it's working!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you about the theme and how the invitation above helped me come up with this DIY! The theme is "Pumpkin Trail" So everything is Pumpkin. When I saw this "Got A Crush ON CANDY?" Invite I immediately thought OMG!!!  I can't make these Candy Pumpkins:

See below on How to DIY your own Candy Pumpkins! 

See below on How to DIY your own Candy Pumpkins! 

Here is how you can make your own candy pumpkins for Halloween


  • Water or Milk  Jugs
  • Rustoleum Glow in the Dark Spray Paint
  • Orange and Green paint (or whatever you'd like! I'm not boxing you in!)
  • Paint brushes and Sharpies (if you want to draw faces on the jugs.)
  • Sand/dirt/rocks / water from your water hose *


  • Watch the video below to see how to create these pumpkins!!! 

*It's important to empty the contents of the Jug, if you plan on using it as you will not be able to use them after the project as toxins will seep through the plastic of the jug contaminating the contents. 

As  Always you are Unbelievably Human, so be Unbelievably You!



*This post was a Collaboration with Evite! Be classy and send a friend an invasion to trick or treat! 




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