Monday Vibes : Big Announcement and really EXCITING updates

Monday Vibes : Big Announcement and really EXCITING updates

Hi Lovers!

There is so much to share with you today! It's been a couple Mondays since I updated and that's not for lack of creating just needed a minute to come back to the joy of it! Frankly, I needed to get paint all over my hands, burn myself a couple of times with some hot glue, stalk street style #IRL, and make/refine some of the ideas that are (have been) constantly spinning around in my head.

Having done my yearly spring cleaning. I LOVE SPRING CLEANING!!! #srsly, I have been soo inspired by all the stuff that I have found cleaning!!! So many cute things BUT sooo many craft and art supplies! My wheels have been spinning on all the cool things that I want to make and share with you!  So that's where I've been!

Creating on and off the internet requires a good bit of juggling and still working my day job was making it a challenge to make the cool D.I.Ys that I love and also share with you my heart for for how and why my ashes of life are becoming beautiful!




Ok! So with that here is a HUGE announcement! Last week it was officially announced the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year and I AM ONE OF THEM!!!! I am a BlogHer15 Voice of the year!!! Lovers this is huge!!! I can't tell you how nervous I was initially, speaking out for suicide awareness, and adressing the conversation in art, creativity, glitter and of course style!
I wanted to encourage anyone anywhere to love and express whatever they felt inside in a way of beauty and not in ways that created more pain. I try to do this daily wanting love to radiate from my keyboard to your heart. On your worse day and on your best day I want to be that force in the world that says love your life on both days!

Follow  @UnbelievablyHuman  on Instagram

Follow @UnbelievablyHuman on Instagram

The Blessing of this honor is that I was nominated by a lover out there in the world, someone that I truly do not know, but I am so thankful for you and for celebrating what I do so much so that you put my name in the hat as a contender for Experts Among Us Voice of the Year! God bless you and thank you!

This is the beginning of the journey, and I am excited but just extremely grateful and humble! Thank you all for coming back here month after month!




With that I want to let all my #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt Lovers, I'll be discounting the series. But DON'T FRET!! There will still be a style series on the blog! In fact there will be TWO! Mood Ring and I'm bringing back a super popular feature and that is Personal Style Stories from the streets. While I was gone from the site, I was out in the street meeting incredible people and getting some wonderful style stories! So excited about this!!! It's just been soo much fun!

So there are two more surprises coming to this space but I love surprises and can't wait to surprise you and hear from you! I know that this has been a lot but hey! There is a lot in store and a lot going on and I'm just excited to have this space to share it all for you and with you!

As Always You are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably YOU,

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