UH Mood Ring : Just take the Test!

Recently, I took one of those strengths finder test! The ones that tell you more about yourself in relation to your natural strengths, abilities, and disposition. The point of taking one of these test is usually to learn more about yourself to best leverage your strengths in work and home, environments.

I have to admit I have been a fan of quizzes forever, my obsession with teen magazines when your results where based on if you got mostly A’s, etc! Someone out there knows exactly what I am talking about! Based on your sum total or letters, of your answers to the questions, you now knew, based on your total, if you had a crush on the boy in Algebra 1 or his best friend. Glad mostly A’s cleared that up!

The test that I took was about 35mins, and truly helped me understand better how I relate to the world and how and why the world relates to me the way that it does. It was seriously eye opening.  This goes without saying BUT, it’s easy to forget that everyone doesn’t work and process things the same as you, and remembering that can help you appreciate others but also Big picture- Help you accept and appreciate YOURSELF and what you have to offer.

Sometimes I like to look at people as iPhones and in some cases androids (lol). Going with iPhone, they all look a like, generally do the same thing, but have one major difference phone to phone, and that is APPS [applications]. So, we may both take the same picture but the way we “develop” the picture will not be the same because we have different apps for processing.

The test I took showed me which ones I use the most, why, and how to use them more effectively. It also showed me how I can use them to work with other apps! But this metaphor has run on long enough!  

If you get a chance to take a test that tells you more about your core strengths and disposition in the world I say take it immediately!!! You’ll make so much sense to yourself and you’ll figure out what you need, ultimately to be happy!

As Always you are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably YOU!



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