#UHMOODRING: Feeling Myself

I'm always feeling like I forget bits and pieces of myself. I don't know exactly how to explain it but, I'll try. It's like how people say tell me a little about yourself and even though you are with yourself 24/7 you suddenly draw a complete blank and the most interesting thing that you can find to say is....I like bottled water. And you really only say it because it was sitting right there in front of you.

That's how I feel in general. For instance right now DIY wise I'm totally into Pom-Poms or as some call them Puff Balls and that's all i seem to be creating with right now! Pom - Pom shoes, Pom - Pom Necklace, Pom -Pom ERY thing!!! So get ready for lots of expression through Pom- Poms on the sight in the My Life in DIY feature!

Now back to the point for #UHMOODRING, sorry for the digression. When I found those Pom- Poms or puff balls if you will, in my supplies stash, it just reminded me how much I truly appreciate a good Pom-pom (puff ball) and I decided to use all of mine up because truthfully I’ve had them for years. I’d just forgotten how much I  TRULY enjoy them!

It’s the same exact thing with my style! Clearing out my computer hard drive, still spring cleaning, I found a folder filled with pictures!!! Kinda like you do when you are physically cleaning! And OMG! It had so many pics of me taking photos of me in my “look of the moment”! Not sure if I shared this before but I fully commit to looks for a certain period of time and then just change to a new one. For example, I had year of androgyny, the nautical prep, the professional, The golden girl (like the show), and I could go on. I have enough to do Throw back Thursday post for MONTHS!!!! Honestly though it was the coolest thing to see and was a helpful reminder to myself that I’ve always really enjoyed putting together looks and transforming and expressing myself through a total look! “Look” being Outfit +hair+ accessories + attitude!! It makes me wonder why I’ve been a closeted OOTD or LOTD recorder for so long! *shrugs*

Shirt : Istanbul, Turkey.. Found it down a random alley where the best things are found abroad!
Skirt: Thrift store find! 50% off! I live for that LOL
Shoes: Victoria Secret
Earrings and Necklace: A Shop in Rajahmundry, India
Bracelet: Necklace from my mom. Originally for my dress up trunk when I was 5!

Granted I am always slow to come around to social networks, I just got snap chat! This is manly because you never know which ones are going to make it #myspace and I guess I just felt excited to have the adventure of style expression, and never thought anyone would be interested! Though I’d become quite obsessed with some of my favorite Lookbook posters and people often tell me I’m interesting, it just missed me. mainly because I think that almost anyone is interesting…almost!

But I’m sharing now and that’s what matters. The real point of sharing our point of views, be it through clothes, words, pictures, songs, and the likes is connection. We connect with ourselves and with others. Which both feel awesome. Like Last week I shared that I journal to my future Husband and I got so many e-mails and some comments from people I didn’t even know telling me “thank you for writing that and sharing, cause I do it to and I’m glad to know that I am not crazy!”  Funny thing is I was just as affirmed as they were.

So my mood right now is “feeling myself” I’m really excited to be rediscovering parts of me that I’d forgotten or taken for granted. Grateful for this space, that I’ve created, that’s given me my space to express myself, with no creative restrictions, to explore and fall in love with me again and me others at the same time! Thanks for being apart of the adventure! I really hope you are inspired to express yourself through art, craft, style, and of course sparkle as much as I am!!!

Does this ever happen to you? Share your looks below!! I would love to see your mood and connect!!!

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