#UHMOODRING: Living Music

It’s Thursday! It’s really Starting to be one of my favorite days of the week! I’m soo excited about #UHMOODRING and really look forward to it growing and seeing all the self-expression and how  your feeling through your looks!

I think it’s so vital to get whatever your feeling for the moment out because some feelings can be so toxic and not even worth the time. I’ve learned though that you have to feel emotion before you can truly let it go and live. It’s like feeling it gives your mind and emotion time to process  and get on the same page so you can truly get it out of your system and then decide what you want to do with what you feel! When we don’t do this it makes us use our energy in ways that are draining to us as opposed to energizing!  

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I wish life was like a highlight reel but it’s not.The only real thing that is like that, for the most part, is a perfectly curated social media feed! But I like dimension, variety, contrast, and juxtaposition! I like phoenixes because they rise from the ashes and give us all faith that we can do the same. This is also how I see music! Follow me? Like if music needed a bunch of descriptors it’d be the ones that I used above. So today this outfit is in honor of music makers! Here’s to the ones that make our roller coaster lives sound good, honest, true, and relatable!

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Old Navy Sweetheart
Jacket: Thrift!!!!!
Shoes: DSW
Sunglasses: Claires Accessories
Bracelet: A necklace given to me by my mom when i was 5 for my dress up trunk!
Camera: Fuji instamax mini
Earrings & Ring: hair store find!

Music makers from the vocalist to the writers, who open up their hearts to us, their lives, their journals and share stories that help us know we’re not the only ones. They empower us and encourage us to be brave and stronger! They help us show the middle finger to an ex reminding us to say thank you for being the best thing I never had. To love our selves and others by coming back to the middle all the while reminding us to live like we were dying!


Music makes life a party, and down right bearable. Through my looks that I wear for #UHMOODRING  and on a daily basis! I like to think that I am a walking song - moving lyrics(<—— see what I did there?) But what I know for sure is that a great look EVEN PAJAMAS all day does amazing things for my mood! So let’s celebrate the ups, downs, and in-between! Life’s a party Lovers! Lets find ways to rock out and make the best of each day being honest about what we feel and see if that doesn’t make for brighter days!

If you’re expressing yourself and your love for life and personal style with me, then be sure to add your link below and #UHMOODRING on any parts of your look that you feel express where you are!

As Alway you are Unbelievably Human so be Unbelievably YOU!

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