My Vacation Style story -Bali

My latest vacation style theme was "ease"! The weight of my suitcase is always something I’m conscious of, whenever I’m packing for vacation. I don’t  over pack because I know that I’ll want to shop. Plus I never enjoy paying extra for luggage. So I always try to pack with mix and match as a theme and allowing for personal expression and ease of wear!


I usually base what I pack with the trip I'm taking. This trip, I knew I would be out of the country for about a month. The first half of my travel was for work. I kept everything simple, so I could transition to vacation without overpacking.


For the beach I wore this dress/cover up. It’s one of my favorite pieces and these neon flip flops because they’re so fun. The sunglasses I got while in Manila,Philippians and liked the mirror reflection. They are really dark though.

How do you pack for long journeys? Are you a mixer and matcher? What is your go to vacation style?



What's your vacation style?


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