WANDERLUST : Me and Travel

WANDERLUST : Me and Travel

unbelievably human wanderlust travel to the PhilipiensI've shared a lot of my ashes with you. But, I have yet to share my wanderlust. It's a great big part of my life. Honestly the world has been my alter. I'll share soon enough, where I went on my 6months sabbatical I mentioned here. If I didn't have travel in my life I think I wouldn't know myself. I've always desired to see the world first hand. To get lost in the world only to find myself. Travel always reminds of how life for all of us is simply a remix of variables. Cultures though different are in many ways the same. The universality of Humans is always magnified in the great game of gestures,we all play, when you don't speak the same language.

When I travel I feel free. As I lived into my new lifestyle as a creative; I was concerned about the next time I'd stamp my passport. It may sound crazy but it's been a year since I've been abroad, and to say I've been itching at the bit is an understatement. My First stop is the Philippines(Manila and Tagaytay). I've never been but have always wanted to go. I've seen beautiful pictures. Plus one of my best friends is first generation of the country. It's always been on our list to do but we just haven't gotten there yet and with her getting married this year, she couldn't come with me.

Taal Volcano - Tagaytay Philippines wander lust travel

Taal Volcano - Tagaytay Philippines

The first half of my trip will be for work, but I am parlaying this trip into more adventure cause why not! Im terribly excited and just grateful that this has come along when it did. It reminds me that the worse time in life doesn't mean you are robed of your life forever but instead, if you can push through with love, hope and support the sunny days and rainbows you know so well will greet you again.  Even if you've never known sunny days as best friends I think that when you get to do the thing that you love, they are the sun reminding you that there is still time to dance. As I take this almost 19 hour flight I am reminded that ultimately beauty is always beckoning at our door, even when we don't quite see it. Have you had any moment to dance recently? Did you put your back into it???!!! I'm about to put my back into this trip!! I'll post more so we can enjoy the beauty together!



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