What story is your Personal style telling?

Hi Lovers,

I am always inspired by personal style and fashion. Just the shear fantasy of it from the runways to the sidewalks, from lookbooks to magazines; I love it all. I love it because it’s always telling a story. In runway shows designers present collections. As we watch mesmerized, we get caught up in the story that’s told through each design. I believe it’s the same with the sidewalks of life and magazines, we get caught up in the story that people tell through what they wear. On my lunch break one of my favorite things to do is grab my camera and see if I can’t capture some of those stories through my lens. I love to know what statements the streets are making just about as much as I love the fantasies and dreams the runways can inspire.  Here are some of my latest stories below! Enjoy!


This is Alex and she was working it out! I had soo much fun photographing her and she was such a great sport. When I saw Alex I was immediately inspired by her look! She had the Mohawk, Slim tie,Ray Bans and a rockstarness that made me nearly chase her down the street for the shot! I also loved the tribal backpack. Alex was able to make a statement about who she was and never had to open her mouth! It's these kinds of looks that for us here at Unbelievably Human make us want to say "Now that's Unbelievably Human, way to be unbelievably YOU!! (Please excuse the cheesiness, but it's what it is!! )


I was also inspired by this Professional "Rebel". I always love how people have that one thing that shows their personality! This fashionista wasn't willing to totally leave her personality at home to come into the office. Peep the color popping purse but the shoes! How great are they!! Not only do they have swirls of color but they also have spikes, adding a subtle touch of personality and individuality to an otherwise fun, feminine, and professional fashionista look.

For other cool lookscheck here. If you'd like to be a part of the gallery or want to tell your fashion story through pictures sends ithere!

photo credits ♥ Liv Love ♥

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