Why Commit Suicide?
Talking more about things that are not talked about enough.

Talking more about things that are not talked about enough.

Let's be clear! This is in no way an advertisement to convince anyone to commit suicide. No. This is a closer look inside the heart of someone who maybe considering suicide. There are lots of people who attribute suicide to as a symptom of mental illness, but that isn't this blog post. No this post is where we talk about some of the reasons why suicide is the leading killer, second to fatal car accidents, of our generation (millennials).

Hopeless. Hopelessness is a scary thing. If you can imagine it. It's when you want to believe that there are better days ahead but to do so hurts. You've been let down so much that now to convince yourself to hope feels like cleaning a cut with alcohol. Seems easier to just give up.

Worthless. This one is like these sayings "It's like the world's against me", "When it rains it pours". "Can't get a break." "Everything is caving in on me." "The bottom is falling out." I don't know what it is but there are moments in life that everything that could go wrong does go wrong. You loose your job, a friend, your home, and it's taking all you can to keep going. where it just seems like dying is easier to do, than live. The scary part about all that is those problems are temporary. They feel like the end of the world, but they aren't. It's in those moments that you have to either reach out for help or be a person who is sensitive enough to someone going through this to offer real genuine help. It could make all the difference in the world.

The Face of Suicide Unbelievably Human

Can't deal with Sh#t! I learned recently that we learn how to deal with things. So it's no surprise that when you experience your worse nightmare and feel the worse you've ever felt in life. You want to die. It's because Our ability to deal with things are called coping skills or strategies. They are learned reactions and behaviors to deal with difficult situations. They come in many forms. Some are helpful and others are hurtful. hurtful is wanting to die to stop what the pain, or feelings of despair. Helpful are seeking help, and letting someone know how you feel so that it doesn't over take you. Getting help from a trusted professional or someone who truly has your best interest at heart will help you gain/ learn coping skills to get you through this rough patch.

Being an advocate of suicide awareness I think it's vital that we educate ourselves on suicide. Whether you struggle with suicide ideation or it's the furthest thing away from your thoughts, understanding suicide from many perspectives makes more sensitive towards each other and possibly in that sensitivity, encourage someone to live and not die!

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This post is a continuation in The Unbelievably Human series "Let's talk more about that" See the first post here, and another post on the subject here. Also here is a video Huffington Press, did on the subject. It's super helpful, especially to understand what someone or yourself may be feeling. 

Other thoughts on Millennial Suicide

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