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When I was much to young to understand, my mother said to me “You never know a person’s story”. She told my eight year old self this and explained that you never know where you are meeting a person in their day or their life, so be kind. I never forgot this. As I grew older I understood that “be kind” meant exercise a little extra compassion and grace; not because the person looks like they need it (like someone who’s homeless) but because you never know who’s spirit may be homeless in the moment your paths cross.  

That’s why I made these hearts and hand them out on the street to random people who cross my path, who I feel might need a heart. It could be a girl laughing her head off or a guy who looks frazzled. Whatever the case, These hearts serve as my socially acceptable hugs and kisses, high fives and pats on the back, to encourage my fellow journeyer on this journey that we call life!

My sister travels A LOT. She often finds herself on planes and in conversations, like most of us, with the person next to her. Every time she travels she has a pretty good story about a random person she’s met, had a great conversation with, or an observation she’s made of the people seated around her, while waiting on her flight . In one instance, when I was picking her up, from her latest flight, she said to me “You know I really wish I'd had a heart to leave with this man I sat next to today, I just felt like he could have used the extra encouragement and something to carry with him.”

That’s a constant wish of mine any time I get that feeling and that’s why I make paper hearts and hand them out! Oh yea and that unrelenting desire to TAKE LOVE TO THE STREETS!!!

Ever think about sharing love? If so how do you do it? Ever get the urge to encourage strangers? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know!

💖, Liv

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